22 Mar 2019

Aula Absidale di
Santa Lucia

Aula Absidale Santa Lucia

Aula Absidale di Santa Lucia

Via Dè Chiari, 25
The former church of Santa Lucia, whose charmingly unfinished front stands halfway down Via Castiglione, was solemnly inaugurated in May 1988 on the occasion of the celebrations organized by former Rector Fabio Roversi-Monaco for the Ninth Centenary of the University of Bologna, who purchased and restored it for the University.

The building hosts the Aula Magna of the University in the central nave and the Aula Absidale, between the seventeenth-century apse and the nineteenth-century apse. Characterized by its imposing baroque spatiality, it was commissioned in 1623 by the Jesuits to the great architect Girolamo Rainaldi, who proposed the Chiesa del Gesù in Rome as a model. Works lasted for years and the building was completed only around mid-nineteenth century by the Barnabites.

Neglected for decades, the church has been finally rehabilitated thanks to the University of Bologna, which promoted its restoration carried out by architect Roberto Scannavini according to the most modern and advanced architectural and technological standards, making it one of the most famous university great halls in the world.

Aula Absidale Santa Lucia