23 Mar 2019

Aula Magna Santa Lucia

Santa Lucia

Aula Magna di Santa Lucia

Via Castiglione, 36
The Aula Magna di Santa Lucia was inaugurated on 5 May 1988 with the conferring of an honorary degree on His Majesty, King of Spain Juan Carlos I.

Rector Fabio Roversi-Monaco’s initiative, the unity of purpose between the Municipality of Bologna and the University, the fundamental contribution to the restoration by several banks and other institutions contributed to giving full functionality to the great hall on the occasion of the celebrations of the ninth centenary in less than a year.

All restoration work was carried out based on modern concepts and in collaboration with the Soprintendenza ai Beni Culturali Architettonici of Bologna.

The origins of the Church and the whole complex Castiglione – Cartolerie – De’ Chiari are remote. According to Masini, its foundation dates back to the 5th century.

Several events followed one another and the Church façade and monumental apse were left unfinished for almost two centuries, during which Mass was said with a makeshift closing of the nave.

In 1866, it was appropriated by the Crown Property and used as barracks first, then as a gym and finally as laboratory of the Istituto Aldini Valeriani.

Since 1988, the Aula Magna has been living again a great season of important cultural events, welcoming personalities of international repute.

Aula Magna Santa Lucia