17 OCTOBER 2020

h. 18:00 | Personal and professional ethical issues raised by the pandemic


h. 17:30 | “Unmet needs” in narcolepsy


h. 17:00 | Immunity and parasites: innate defences

16 OCTOBER 2020

h. 18:00 | Thermal spas in a time of pandemic

h. 17:30 | The immune system and therapies, from cancer to COVID-19


h. 17:00 | Vaccines against Covid 19: challenges, strategies and opportunities

15 OCTOBER 2020

h. 18:00 | Health communication on social media: what Covid-19 has taught us


h. 17:30 | The physician and Covid-19: opportunities and risks for mental health


h. 17:00 | Zoonoses and the emergence of Covid-19


10 OCTOBER 2020

h. 18:00| Beyond the virus: society, behaviours, pandemics and infodemic


h. 17:30| Covid-19 during pregnancy


h. 17:00| The Importance of Cultural Tightness-Looseness and Government Efficiency for Understanding COVID-19 Growth and Death Rates


9 OCTOBER 2020

h.18:00 | Academic research to combat Covid-19: 4 experiences compared

h. 17:30| The debate and the wealth of literature on the use of cardio-vascular drugs during the pandemic


h. 17:00| Covid-19 economic policy


8 OCTOBER 2020

h. 18:30| Feeding the future: nutrition in the time of Covid-19


h. 18:00| What we have learned about Covid-19 from the Vò Euganeo experiment


h. 17:30| Rianimation and Covid-19


h. 17:00| Covid-19 nella storia delle pandemie


3 OCTOBER 2020

h.18:00 | Prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of obstructive sleep apnoea Meeting with Emilia-Romagna regional representatives about the OSAS Diagnostic-Therapeutic-Care Procedure (PDTA)

h.17:30 | Infectiology and clinical analysis of Covid-19

h.17:00 | Epidemiology of Covid-19 in Italy

2 OCTOBER 2020

h. 18:30 | Covid-19: of models and evidence


h. 17:00 Covid-19: how institutions protected citizens

h. 17:00 Inauguration



18 june 2019

h. 18:30 | Donation to Bologna University of the original Gaspare Tagliacozzi, “De Curtorum Chirurgia per Insitionem”


14 june 2019

h. 11:00 | DNA instability and possible alternative life forms
Tomas Lindahl’s Lecture, Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2015


h. 10:00 | Antarex calculates drugs to block epidemics with intelligence


MAY 12 | Day 4

h. 15:00 | Tradition and innovation in hip, spine and foot surgery at Istituto Ortopedico Rizzoli


h. 11:30 | The revolution of personalized medicine: are we going to cure all diseases and at what price?
Aaron Ciechanover Chemistry’s Lecture – Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 2004


h. 11:00 | Twenty-three years after Dolly: how should cloning technology be used?


h.10:30 | Did Ulysses meet Moby Dick with a Colt or a Smith & Wesson? A GPS to navigate the brain


h. 10:00 | The great exploration expeditions into the human brain: what is happening and what is being discovered


MAY 11th | Day 3

h. 19:00 | Past, Present, and Future of nuclear reprogramming
John Gurdon’s Lecture – Nobel Prize for Medicine in 2012


h. 18:00 |Lopsided diets and where to find them


h. 17:30 | The three brothers who never sleep and other sleep disturbance cases


h. 17:00 | Big Data and Privacy Law


h. 17:00 | Uric acid and mental efficacy: the first example of biological waste recyclingi


h. 16:00 | Digitalisation of the doctor-patient relationship: light and shadow


h. 16:00 | Why are higher childood IQ scores related to better health and longer life?


h. 15:00 |Risk of toxicity for health of food and supplements


h. 14:00 | A new era is beginning. Alzheimer syndrome prevention?


h. 14:00 | Transferring health sphere know-how via augmented and virtual reality


h. 12:00 | Vaccines: psychology, society and politics


h. 12:00 | Diabetes and high performance medicine: convergence between human and artificial intelligence


h. 11:30 | Obstructive sleep apnea: causes, effects and cures


h. 10:30 | What we know about the genetic and neuro-biological bases of human intelligence and their uses


h. 10:00 | Cholesterol and thereabouts: new rules and new drugs… 10 hot questions for the experts


h. 10:00 | Innovations in robotic surgery and 3D imaging


MAY 10th | Day 2

h. 18:00 | What are the risks to sportspeople’s hearts?


h. 17:00 |New technologies for predictive medicine in cardiology and oncology


h. 17:00 | Intelligent collaboration model: chronic intestinal failure


h. 16:30 | 2030: Gynaecological Odysseya


h. 16:30 | Telemedicine: experience, state of the art and the future


h. 15:30 | Innovations by Alma Mater Studiorium – Università Di Bologna in medical research


h. 15:00 | Vaccines: Science and Social Media


h. 14:30 | Congenital cardiopathy surgery: evolutions and complexity


h. 12:00 | Pharmaceutical research: the intelligence which generates health


h. 11.00 | The brain: stories of thinking cells


h. 11.00 | Would you bet money on the sun not rising tomorrow? No? So why do you take homoeopathic products, have needles stuck in your body, etc.?


h. 10.00 | Strategies for intelligent health: smoking damage reduction for a smoke free future


h. 10.00 | New technologies in surgery


MAY 9th | Day 1

h. 18.00 | The dawn of regenerative medicine


h. 17.30 | Inauguration with the Authorities  and Presentation of the fifth edition of the Festival della Scienza Medica


h. 16.00 | The origin and dissemination of Fake News in the medical and health fields


h. 15:30 | How long does it take for a discovery to become a cure?


h. 15:00 | Digital Innovation and new skills in the Pharmaceutical sector


The Da Vinci Robot at Palazzo Pepoli 


h. 12:00 | Innovations in the oncology immunotherapy field


h. 11:00 | How a virtual smile becomes a real one


h. 10:30 | Precision oncology: a medical revolution already under way


h. 9:30 | A for Adolescence. Care for the body and emotions


PRESS CONFERENCE | 11 April 2019


h. 17.00: Gustav Mahler and the rythm of the heart: from desease to melody


h. 12.00: Consciouness: a journey from the mind to the brain


h. 11.00: Visit to the ward – Department of intensive care


h. 10.45: The psychopathological basis of violence against women


h. 10.00: Immunotherapy in oncology


h. 9.30: Time in the doctor-patient relationship



h. 19.00: Science of beauty


h. 17.15: The dark side of the Moon? Menopause without prejudices


h. 17.00: Vaccines protect against infections but not against ignorance


h. 16.00: In the era of feeding manias


h. 12.00: The weight of waking and the reasons for sleeping


h. 11.30: The neuroimages are photographs of our toughts?


h. 11.00: Visit to the ward – Department of interventional radiology


h. 10.00: Open day Maggiore Hospital


h. 10.00: Hic mors gaudet succurrere vitae


h. 9.30: Psychology of medical decisions and effects on patients



h. 19.00: Seven transmembrane receptors


h. 17.15: Arresting time as a treatment: the science of cold in medicine


h. 17.00: The jury has the floor


h. 15.15: Fake news and food safety


h. 15.00: Anatomy of the approval of a drug: safety, effectiveness and costs


Some pictures in Palazzo Re Enzo



h. 12.30: Innovation in the field of prosthesis and health robotics


h. 11.30: Pharmaceutical innovation: the future we are already living in


h. 11.00: Visit to the ward: Department of vascular surgery


h. 10.30: The dawn of regenerative medicine



h. 9.30: Genius on board



h. 19.00: Grill cells, space, and memory – May-Britt Moser


h. 18.00: Inauguration with the authorities


h. 17.00: Frauds, fakes and plagiarism: is something rotten in science?


h. 16.00: Is science for all? Challenges, ambitions and risks of a noble ideal

h. 9.00: A for Adolescence. Care for the body and emotions