14 Mar 2019

Teatro arena FICO Eatalyworld

Fico EatalyWorld

Teatro Arena Fico Eatalyworld

Via Paolo Canali, 8
The Teatro Arena of FICO Eatalyworld is a large circular shaped amphitheatre located at the crossroads of FICO, where its two main streets, the decumanus and the cardo, intersect.

FICO is the largest agri-food park in the world, a sensorial education training ground for food and biodiversity, where the Italian agri-food and food-and-wine wonders are displayed and narrated from their growth in the ground to their arrival into dishes and glasses.
Equipped with a parquet flooring circular stage, a total area of 80 square meters, a back of the stage, the area has been designed by Paolo Castelli, an internationally renowned designer. During the day, it is lit by natural light and in the evening by a picturesque lighting system by Artemide.

The Teatro Arena is the ideal premise for conferences and shows and ensures full visibility as the obligatory passage for all visitors of the park.
Guests can enjoy shows comfortably sitting on three levels of large semi-circular terraces, fully immersed in its atmosphere; the professional lighting system and the bose audio system make it all an immersive experience. The realization of the event is ensured by the support of Fico technicians.

Despite the fact that the park opened a short time ago, the Teatro Arena calendar is full of events: indeed, it regularly hosts concerts, theatrical performances, exhibitions, dance courses, creative workshops, press conferences and company meetings.