Paganelli Giovanni

Giovanni Paganelli, MD in Medicine at the University of Bologna, started his career  at the Oncology Group of Hammersmith Hospital (Royal Postgraduate Medical School) in London. He was the Director of the the Nuclear Medicine Division of the IEO (Milan, founded by Umberto Veronesi) from 1994 to 2013. He pioneered the use of Yittrio-90-Biotine in target antibody radio therapy against glioma. Presentely he’s the Director of High Technology Dpt (Nuclear Medicine and Radio-metabolic therapy) and Deputy Director oft the IRST IRCCS in Meldola (FC). His main interest being the targeted molecular radionuclide therapy in oncology (PRRT, IART®), namely in neuroendocrine, cerebral, mammalian e prostatic cancers.