The da Vinci Robot at Palazzo Pepoli

Outside the operating room, but functioning perfectly in such a way as to simulate inter-operator movements: this is what visitors to Palazzo Pepoli will be offered at one of the most interesting places at Bologna’s Festival of Medical Science.
For the entire duration of the event, from 9th to 12th May, a specialist clinic will enable visitors to see for themselves and gain a better understanding of the functions of the Vinci Xi robot system, which has been working alongside surgeons in various specialisms since 2014.

Da Vinci is a robotic technology produced by Californian firm Intuitive Surgical distributed in Italy by Ab Medica. It is considered today’s most evolved platform for mini-invasive surgery and is made up of three parts:

  • A console which is the control centre which surgeons control remotely via joystick and pedals. Thanks to a visor which can magnify anatomical details up to ten times their size, doctors will obtain a precise, accurate 3D view. The operator’s actions are faithfully reproduced by the robot which can make them extremely sure and accurate, eliminating natural physiological tremors.
  • A patient cart equipped with four arms on which miniaturised operating tools and an endoscopic video camera will be mounted. The ‘trocar’ used allows for a freedom of movement based on a grand total of 7 axes and over 540°, characteristics which enable surgeons to reach difficult anatomical locations without damaging delicate nerves and blood vessels.
  • A vision cart which contains the central image processing and elaboration unit.

The use of the da Vinci robot ensures benefits for both doctors and patients and its advantages are thus twofold.

  • Reduced incisions
  • Limited blood loss
  • Limited transfusion risk
  • Precision in both demolition and reconstruction phases
  • Less post-operative pain
  • Reduced in-patient periods
  • Rapid return to normal functioning

Maximum 10 participants per visit (15 minutes for each visit)
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