Events Platform

Meeting, streaming, and virtual tours united in one digital environment

A project that takes shape from the express desire of President Roversi-Monaco to celebrate- this year, like every other- the Festival della Scienza Medica. Now in its seventh year, the Festival was originally planned for April. Our mission was to recreate the dynamism of open public debate, without foregoing the places that have given value to this important event since its very first year. Yet current events require this desire to be balanced against social distancing, complications in national and international travel. Rocket Social Studio welcomed the challenge. Based on a concept by Mattia Roncaglione, the studio designed a digital environment- unique among its kind- that weds video meeting and streaming functions with the possibility of virtual travel to the site of the Museum of the History of Bologna.

Venti venti platform: one space, many interactions
The layout of the Eventi platform is tailored to the needs of Festival della Scienza Medica. Building upon the classic videoconference format, the video stream dedicated to speakers provides a bird’s eye view of the individuals engaged in debate and offers a face-to-face view of all those connected to the online meeting by audio-visual link. The public layout provides a single screen of openly streamed debating. The goal is to project the Festival’s medical and scientific conversation beyond the walls of Pepoli Palace. The layout is enriched by spaces dedicated to the event’s Partners and Sponsors, who can accompany users throughout the entire Festival.

Sala della cultura: digitalisation
Pepoli Palace’s evocative Sala della Cultura (Hall of Culture), historical site of the Festival della Scienza Medica, has been fully digitalised and is continuously connected to the Venti Venti Platform. The permanent installation of technical equipment in the hall allows for continuous streaming of everything that occurs inside. An open window into the heart of Genus Bononiae and its universe of cultural and artistic events.

Virtual tour and avatar of Taddeo Pepoli
The project concludes with the creation of a virtual tour of Pepoli Palace. Once registered, all of the digital platform’s users will be welcomed at the entrance of Palazzo Pepoli by a friendly character inspired by an imaginary portrait of Taddeo Pepoli in profile, dating to 1850. As historic “master of the house”, Pepoli introduces himself before accompanying visitors through the entrance hallway, central courtyard, and Torre del Tempo (Tower of Time), all the way to the Sala della Cultura. Along the way, the user can admire works in the Museum of the History of Bologna’s collection.

The coffee break
Finally, every event has its “coffee break”. We wanted to virtually recreate a playful interactive moment. The button labelled “coffee break” returns users to the virtual tour of the Museum, allowing them to freely roam one part of this. The itinerary is enriched by interactive tags explaining a selection of the masterpieces and halls found in Pepoli Palace: an educational add-on to the visit. Finally, the virtual tour will be used- for the first time- to provide an “exhibition” space dedicated to the event’s Partners and Sponsors, who can use it to display to the public not only their logo, but an information series carefully organised in infographics, videos, and other contents of their choice.