Events Platform

Meeting, streaming, and virtual tours united in one digital environment

A project that takes shape, in 2020, by the precise will of President Roversi Monaco to celebrate the sixth edition of the Festival of Medical Science, initially scheduled for the month of April. There was in fact the need to maintain the dynamism of a debate conducted in the presence of the public, without sacrificing the setting in the places that, since the first edition, have enhanced this important event. In the pandemic context of the time, the request had to be combined with the social distancing, the difficulties in the national and international movements and the impossibility of welcoming the public in presence. Rocket Social Studio has taken up the challenge and on the idea of Mattia Roncaglione has created a digital environment, unique in its kind, that combines the functions of video meetings and video streaming albeit virtually, in the venue of the Festival of Medical Science.

Events platform: a space, multiple interactions

The Events Platform presents a layout tailored to the needs of the Festival of Medical Science. Starting from the functionality of classic videoconferencing, the layout dedicated to the speakers rewards the overview of the people involved in the debate, also providing a face to face view of all those who are connected to the online meeting, which intervene with audio-video connections. The public layout provides a single open streaming screen on the debate. The purpose of this layout is to bring the medical-scientific dialogue of the Festival beyond the walls of the physical venue of the event. All this is enriched by spaces dedicated to the Partners and Sponsors of the initiative, which can accompany users throughout the duration of the events.

Seventh edition, 2021, the Festival in double language

Thanks to the success of the sixth edition the Festival has been enriched with an international audience and in the wake of that experience the Events Platform opens, on the occasion of the week edition, the live streaming in two languages. The Festival is translated, integrally, simultaneously both from Italian to English, and from English to Italian. The public has the opportunity to fully follow the event in the preferred language and, thanks to this novelty, the Festival manages to get more than 1.4 million connections on the “one day” 2021, reaching 23 different countries in the world.

2022, multi-streaming and revamped archive

The eighth edition of the Festival of Medical Science inaugurates two important updates to the Events Platform. A whole new look for the 2022 event that sees the Festival celebrated simultaneously both in presence and online. The real news will be the multi-streaming on three different classrooms: the first two, the Aula Magna and the Aula Absidale, will be broadcast from the venue of the Festival and then accessible both in presence and online, the third, the Virtual Classroom, will be present through the platform and accessible only online, completing the event that sees in digital its maximum expression. Together with this upgrade, the online archive is updated, moving within the Events Platform also the contents previously accessible only from the website All the Festival from 2015 to today, will be freely accessible, giving the opportunity to relive all previous editions through presentations, podcasts and videos.