Grid Cells, Space, and Memory

Hippocampus is a beautiful seahorse-shaped brain structure that is necessary for encoding our daily life memories. In this talk, I will ask what type of information does the hippocampus receive to generate such memories? Memories for episodes include information about where the event happened, when it happened, and what happened. Brain structures are feeding the hippocampus with such information – information about space, about time, and about objects. I will show that there are specialized cells that signal where the animal is (place cells), which direction the animal is moving (head direction cells), cells that signal the metric layout of the environment (grid cells), and cells signaling the speed of the animal (speed cells). Other cells signal objects and the relation between the object and the animal. Finally, I will show how groups of cells are tagging events with a time signal – so that similar episodes can be separated in time.

Chairman: Piergiorgio Strata.

Quick Info

  • 3 May 2018
  • 19:00
  • Salone del Podestà