Innovations in robotic surgery and 3D imaging

Since it was first introduced in the early noughties robotic surgery has revolutionised the treatment of the main urology-oncology pathologies. Thanks to enlarged images and a 3D visor surgeons can see the tiniest anatomical details with extreme precision.

Recently the dissemination of 3D printers which enable individual organs to be ‘printed’ on the basis of radiology images and augmented reality technologies in which reconstructed radiology images can be superimposed onto those of robots opens up new scenarios in which the technology-surgery partnership is fundamental. This new surgical approach is just the beginning of a new era. In the near future artificial intelligence will allow medical procedures at all levels to be automatised with the improvement of medicine’s capacity to restore our greatest good – our health – as the outcome.

Quick Info

  • 11 May 2019
  • 10:00
  • Sala della Cultura