Intelligent collaboration model: chronic intestinal failure

Chairperson: Federica Claudia Galli

The event presents the virtuous collaboration that, in the field of rare diseases, gathers together associations of patients and centres of excellence. This brings added value to the network with, on the one side, the collective intelligence of expert patients and, on the other, the experience of centre of excellence and the Italian national network of rarer diseases.

In the case of Chronic Intestinal Failure (CIF) – a rare condition that affects less than one thousand people in Italy – this process has been in place for years, with a productive collaboration between the non-profit association “Un Filo per la Vita Onlus” and the centre of excellence Sant’Orsola of Bologna. This work runs alongside that of the Regional Centre for Rare Diseases.

Quick Info

  • 10 May 2019
  • 17:00
  • Aula Delle Conferenze Società Medica Chirurgica Di Bologna