Pharmaceutical research: the intelligence which generates health

Chairperson: Alma Maria Grandin

The pharmaceutical industry is an industry which is generated by science and thus by its very nature it is linked to intelligence and evolutions in knowledge, as well as top level R&D and the quality of production and all company activities. In the great innovative phases, when knowledge grew exponentially, pharmaceutics increased its ability to make increasingly effective cures available.

This is what is happening now: precision medicine and digital transformation in the life sciences are capable of radically changing the history of pathologies and responding increasingly well to health demands. These are extraordinary product innovations which can bring with them great benefits and require great process innovations, both corporate and regulatory, guided by the intelligence which enables science, technology, skills and the social context to be integrated if they are to improve access to care.

Quick Info

  • 10 May 2019
  • 12:00
  • Aula Delle Conferenze Società Medica Chirurgica Di Bologna