Risk of toxicity for health of food and supplements

Chairperson: Luigi Bolondi

Our food and everything we consume has changed profoundly as compared to earlier human history. The consequences of this on our health are still partly unknown. The main problem is food ‘safety’. The current approach is EC wide, taking into consideration the challenges of globalisation and variations in food habits. On an EC level, food safety is ‘from farm to fork’ in approach and all action taken to control foodstuffs begins with the very earliest growing and production phases and continues to controlling what turns up on our dining tables including materials which come into contact with foods. To bring this to fruition various EC supervision plans apply. Alongside these monitoring is done to assess potential ‘new’ emerging risks. The second problem is the supplements and vegetable extracts market which has a 3 billion Euro turnover in Italy alone.

In this last year 65% of the population has taken at least one supplement on the basis of expectations of improved health. But are those taking these aware of the possible safety and quality risks? The supplements world is so broad that it encompasses serious and effective products alongside useless and damaging ones

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  • 11 May 2019
  • 15:00
  • Aula Absidale di Santa Lucia