Strategies for intelligent health: smoking damage reduction for a smoke free future

Chairperson: Luciano Onder

Policies inspired by the damage reduction principle are the textbook tools available to legislators seeking to safeguard people’s health (prevention as primary and in the first place) and in particular in combating tobacco addiction. The non-negotiable priority of the medical community must be people giving up smoking (or not starting) while legislators must adopt the defence and growth of a social wellbeing approach via assistance policies capable of making safeguards more thoroughgoing and effective, generating positive effects on ever wider segments of the population.

Technology, innovation and a rigorous scientific research methodology have developed alternative, potentially risk reducing products for adults who cannot or do not want to give up smoking which can reduce/eliminate the fundamental causes which lead to the development of smoking related illnesses. It is a matter of wording and developing appropriate procedures both to guarantee the participation of public and private subjects in the implementation of damage reduction policies and disseminate information in an appropriate and effective manner.

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  • 10 May 2019
  • 10:00
  • Stabat Mater