The contribution to oncology research and practice by IRST

There were three million cancer sufferers in Italy in 2015, with epidemiological dynamics of prevalence increase and growing cost per patient dynamics that represent a problem of great impact on the National Healthcare Service management, even more if compared to the substantially flat trend of the national GDP.

Innovative solutions must be found that combine efficiency in treating all patients and efficiency improvement in allocating resources to expenditure on healthcare. In this context, the IRST of Meldola considers strategic the development of health management and organization models that are functional to the continuity and quality of prevention, diagnosis and treatment paths and developed an effective and scalable methodology that is able to monitor the performance of an oncological journey both in terms of clinical results, suitability, equity and accessibility and in terms of resources used, in other words what is measures is the oncological “value” for the reference population.

Event by Intesa San Paolo.

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  • 4 May 2018
  • 16:30
  • Sala di Re Enzo