The dark side of the moon? Menopause without prejudices

The rapid increase in life expectancy due to developments in science in the last decades has allowed more Western women to live more than thirty years of their life in menopause. What happens in the body of these women in this long period? Is it true that all of them have to face annoying situations and symptoms or do some women live this transition age with serenity and without major issues? Do women’s clinical events and diseases after menopause are the same as men’s ones? Is it useful to think of genre medicine? An hour of storytelling that, through film clips, interviews, and interventions of experts will allow to acknowledge less known aspects, different suggestions and characteristics, including positive ones, that this long and wonderful period of the life of women hides.

Quick Info

  • 5 May 2018
  • 17:15
  • Aula absidale di Santa Lucia