The debate and the wealth of literature on the use of cardio-vascular drugs during the pandemic


Chairperson: Gilberto Corbellini 

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought out doubts and insecurities around the solidity of our medical knowledge and the ability of world health systems to cope with such pandemics. One of the primary unresolved doubts, is the real efficacy of the therapeutic strategies employed in the light of the information coming through and pursued around the first miraculous and then harmful effects of purely hypothetical solutions or those based on previous experiences with limited affinity to the present situation. We have witnessed research principles being turned on their heads, the cancelling out of evidence-based medicine, decisions being taken on the basis of presumed efficacy only and sensational backtracking by prestigious medical journals probably deceived by ‘researchers’ in search of fame and personal success. The most harmful elements in the presumed efficacy witnessed during the COVID-2019 period include the emblematic case of the RAS inhibitor drugs (ACE inhibitors and sartans) widely used in the pre-COVID era and mistakenly indicated as potential pharmacological ‘greasers’ capable of fostering contagion with disastrous consequences in therapeutic continuity and potential consequence terms. Today this world-gone-mad based, for the most part, on conjectures and wishful thinking can be seen with greater objectivity, hypothesising a future solution in which rationality will once more prevail even where evidence is limited and the danger of autarchic solutions is ever present.


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  • 9 October 2020
  • 17:30
  • Live Streaming Event