The future of nuclear treatments

Nuclear therapy is based on the use of “intelligent” radiopharmaceuticals (radioactive molecules) that are administered through different routes and selectively reach tumour cells. At that moment, a high dose of radiations is released with lethal effects on the tumour cells. The use of radiopharmaceuticals is increasingly preceded by a prior identification of specific tumour targets in the patient by using Positron Emission Tomography as a diagnostic tool. Nuclear therapy shows significant effectiveness and minimal side effects, therefore leading to an improved life quality. Therapies with radiopharmaceuticals are well established in the treatment of thyroid cancer, neuroendocrine tumours, lymphomas, prostate cancer and an increasing number of other fields, thanks to the availability of very promising and innovative radiopharmaceuticals.

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  • 6 May 2018
  • 11:30
  • Sala di Re Enzo