Thermal spas in a time of pandemic


Chairperson: Luigi Bolondi

Staged by GVM Care & Research – Clinica privata Villalba and Terme di Castrocaro

The pandemic has sparked many fears that risk alienating the public from beneficial health services. Thermal spas have long been used to treat chronic degenerative, cardiorespiratory, and metabolic diseases which share a series of common risk factors that can be counteracted through a combination of medicine, diet, exercise, mineral baths, and relaxation. As with prescription medications, attention to instructions, side effects, and dosage is important to ensure safe and appropriate thermal treatment. The medical direction of Castrocaro Spa has worked to address the epidemiological crisis and assure a calming therapeutic experience for guests by reorganising its facilities and training staff in new protocol. 

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  • 16 October 2020
  • 18:00
  • Live Streaming Event