Andrea Crisanti

Andrea Crisanti is director of the Department of Molecular Medicine and of the Laboratory of Virology and Microbiology at the University of Padova. Until recently, he was a professor of Molecular Parasitology at the Imperial College London.

Dr. Crisanti is a pioneer in the molecular biology of the Anopheles gambiae malaria vector. He has provided significant contributions to our genetic and molecular knowledge of the malaria parasite and its vector, the mosquito. His work has enabled the development of visionary solutions, including the introduction of genetic modifications into an entire population of mosquitos to abolish their reproductive capabilities or render them incapable of transmitting malaria. This innovative approach- based on CRISPR editing technologies- has recently been used to suppress laboratory-raised mosquito populations. These results have important implications for the field of synthetic biology and genome editing, in general, and represent a crucial step forward in the management of vector-transmitted diseases.

More recently, Professor Crisanti has carried out a series of epidemiological studies on the transmission mechanisms of Covid-19. These studies provided a scientific justification for the implementation of effective preventative measures to contain and eliminate Covid-19 clusters, adopted in the Veneto region and later, across Italy.  

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