Dario Braga

Dario Braga is a full professor of Chemistry in the University of Bologna’s Ciamician Department of Chemistry. He has directed the university’s Collegio Superiore (2000-2006) and Institute of Advanced Studies (2006-2009). He belonged to the Research Observatory from 1998 to 2003. Since 2015, he has served as president of the Institute of Higher Studies and as director of the Institute of Advanced Studies.

Prof. Braga’s team carries out research in the fields of solid-state chemistry and crystal engineering for pharmaceutical, food and agrochemical applications, as well as solid-state photochemistry and the study of dynamic processes in molecular crystals.
Dario Braga has over 500 publications, numerous patents and more than 200 conferences and national and international seminars to his credit. He was the first scientific editor of the Royal Society of Chemistry’s CrystEngComm journal, as well as founder in 2005 of the spin-off PolyCrystalLine s.p.a.

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