Francesco Muzzarelli

Francesco Muzzarelli teaches Public Speaking at the University of Bologna and the University of San Marino. He is an educator, psychodramatist and professional coach for the business and public health sectors. His work focuses on organisational behaviour, inter- and intrapersonal communication, adult teaching methodologies and classical psychodrama.

He is the author of numerous books, including: Communication for the Hypertensive Patient (AIM Education, 2013), Clear and Convincing (Il Campo, 2014), The Book of Psychological Games. Educational Psychodrama Activities (with M.C. Boria, Ferrari Sinibaldi Edizioni, 2016), The Managing Director in a Complex Organisation (with G. Colpani, Bononia University Press, 2016), Effective Communication as a Healing Instrument. The Case of the Maculopathic Patient (AIM Education, 2018), Psychodrama Intervention. The Morenian Method for Group and Individual Treatment (with G. Boria, Ferrari Sinibaldi Edizioni, 2018).

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