Swain Ken

Ken Swain

Ken is a keen innovator within the digital creative sector, pioneering design and technology across a diverse industry base. His commercial success in establishing and growing businesses is reflective of his experience in the sector and passion for blending the creative with the strategic.

Ken has worked in the 3D environment for over 40 years, starting his career in Manchester before moving to Australia where he was a freelance 3D designer. He introduced 3D CAD-CAM digital facilities that led to many innovative 3D design solutions – including an Australian Design Award and a Japanese G-Mark Design Award.

In 1990 Ken set up his own 3D CGI Design practice, qualified as a professional instructor for Alias|Wavefront and was invited to be a Visiting Lecturer at Curtin University of Technology, Western Australia. He became a full Member of the Design Institute of Australia and an advisor to West Australian Government for Design and Technology curriculum.

Ken joined Alias|Wavefront, Europe in 1995 as EMEA Technical Services Manager. In 2002. he started his own company, Design Academy Ltd., and worked with interactive 3D design, real-time 3D simulation-based learning, development, and communication. Ken joined EON Reality in 2011 as a Business Development Director and in 2012 became the Managing Director for EON Reality’s European HQ Hub in Manchester. In March 2016 he became EON Reality Ltd.’s Chairman having moved to a more strategic global role within the EON Reality group.

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