Paride Braibanti

Paride Braibanti teaches Psychology of Health and Social Inclusion in the Clinical Psychology degree program at the University of Bergamo, as well as participating in the Human Factors and Technology in Healthcare research group at the university.
He is a past president of the Italian Health Psychology Association, collaborates with the University of Rome Sapienza’s School of Specialisation in Health Psychology, and is a member of the Scientific Committee of the International Centre for the Promotion of Health and Well-being.
He has carried out research on doctor-patient relations and those among health workers in various organisational and institutional contexts. Published works include Hygeia’s Gaze (Franco Angeli, 2005), Rethinking Health (Franco Angeli, 2015) and Health Psychology in Treatment Contexts. Subjectivity, Behaviour, Development, Technology and the Organisation (Aisberg, 2018).

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