Rappuoli Rino

Rino Rappuoli

Rino Rappuoli is Chief Scientist and head of External R&D at GSK Vaccines in Siena.

He has also been in charge of R&D at Sclavo, head of vaccine research and Chief Scientific Officer at Chiron Corporation as well as having been in charge of vaccine R&D at Novartis Vaccines & Diagnostics. Always involved in the development of vaccines against serious illnesses of viral and bacterial origin, Rino Rappuoli is one of the founders of cellular microbiology and one of the pioneers of so-called reverse vaccinology, an innovative technique that allows vaccines to be produced starting from the genome, a technique which could not be achieved using traditional methods.

His numerous successes include the development of CRM 197, a molecule that forms part of the Haemophilus influenza, pneumococcus and meningococcus vaccines and is used to vaccinate the majority of children around the world, following the recombinant vaccine against pertussis, which was the first product in the world to be developed according to the criteria of precision medicine.

He developed the first adjuvated influenza vaccine, a conjugate vaccine against type C meningitis, and lately, the first wide coverage vaccine against meningococcus B. Rappuoli is one of the scientists seeking to foster globally sustainable health.


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