Sergio Felicioni

Sergio Felicioni

Sergio Felicioni is a business man and acts as Italian president of Un Filo per la Vita Onlus ANAD-IICB, an Italian association of home parenteral nutrition patients affected by chronic benign intestinal insufficiency, a serious, rare and only partially understood phenomenon.

Felicioni founded this association at Spello in Perugia province in 2005 for the purposes of protecting the interests of paediatric and young patients as well as adults suffering from chronic benign intestinal insufficiency.

President Felicioni has always prioritised social solidarity goals for the Un Filo per la Vita association, pursuing awareness raising work for state, regional and local institutions on the problems encountered by patients in their everyday lives.

Convinced exponent of the importance of increasing awareness and information, beyond the lifesaving therapy, he has long sponsored a multiplicity of Italian and international conferences. These latter congresses have attracted the most important figures in the clinical, scientific and institutional world and contributed to safeguarding the rights and demands of patients suffering from IICB and their caregivers. Un Filo per la Vita works constantly in research and at the legislative level with legal proposals campaigning to improve the quality of lives of its members and everyone affected by this disease.

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