Stefano Canestrari

Stefano Canestrari is a full professor of Criminal Law at the University of Bologna. He is a member of the National Committee for Bioethics and a permanent scholar at the Academy of Sciences of the Institute of Bologna. 

His most important works include: Involuntary Criminal Offence (Cedam, 1989); Potential Malice and Conscious Negligence. At the Boundary Between Malice and Negligence in Criminal Typologies (Giuffrè, 1999); Bioethics and Criminal Law. Discussion Materials (Giappichelli, 2012; 2nd edition 2014); Principles of Criminal Medical Law (il Mulino, 2015).

He is a contributing author to the Treatises on Medical Law series (directed by S. Rodotà and P. Zatti, Giuffrè, 2010-2012).

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