Vittorio Manes

Vittorio Manes is a university instructor and lawyer, head instructor of Institutions of Criminal Law at the University of Bologna Law School and of Criminal Law II at the Enrico Redenti School of Specialisation for the Legal Professions. He also teaches Business Law for the Bologna Business School’s Executive MBA program.

He collaborated with the Constitutional Court’s Research Service from 2010-2014 and is currently a member of the scientific committee of authoritative journals in the field such as the Italian Journal of Legal Medicine. He has published numerous articles in the most respected scientific journals and in assorted collaborative works, as well as various monographs: Illegitimate Criminal Law. Methods, Itineraries and Limits to the Question of Constitutionality in Criminal Matters (Giappichelli, 2019 with V. Napoleoni); The Judge in the Labyrinth. Profiles of the Intersections Between Criminal Law and Supranational Sources (Dike, 2012); Public Services and Criminal Law, the Impact of Liberalisation on the Public Administration’s Penal Statute (Giappichelli, 2010); The Principle of Offensiveness in Criminal Law, Standard of Criminal Policy, Hermeneutic Criterion, Parameter of Reasonableness (Giappichelli, 2005).

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