Via Belle Arti, 54

Aula di Anatomia

The Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna is located in the heart of the University district. Together with the Pinacoteca Nazionale, it occupies the Complex of Sant’Ignazio Church and Jesuit Novitiate, founded by Alfonso Torreggiani between 1728-1735. The Academy was then refounded during the Napoleonic era, from Palazzo Poggi it was transferred into this convent building that was readapted (Sant’Ignazio Church  was transformed into the Lecture Hall of the Academy and in 1805 the dome was also reduced). After that, the Collamarini wing was added, whereas the modern spaces of the Artistic High School (Irnerio wing) were only recently added. New extentions have been realized over the last years, during the requalification project involving the Academy of Fine Arts: in 1997 with the basement restoration, new expositional spaces for the Academy and Pinacoteca were added, called “Sale delle Belle Arti”, next to them the Museum of the Academy was opened; together with the Arcangeli classroom, used for lessons and conferences, the Guidi classroom and the annexed gallery were also built, used as didactic and expositional spaces. In 2001 the former theatre was transformed into the polyvalent hall called “Padiglione De Vita”.