Daniel Eriksson

Founder/CEO Nordic Center for Sustainable Healthcare

Daniel Eriksson has worked with healthcare sustainability in different settings for 20 years. He has led numerous projects on three continents, worked with hospitals, universities, governments, regions and companies within the field. He is also the CEO for TEM at Lund University and has a position as a Research Director for Beside you group in Italy.

Nordic Center for sustainable healthcare was founded 2015 and has 120 members from 17 countries.

Nordic countries are considered to be frontrunners within healthcare sustainability. How did this happen, what has been the main drivers, and can something be learned from that? This presentation will walk-through the start and development of Nordic Center for Sustainable Healthcare (NCSH) but also the conclusions made in The Nordic White Paper on Sustainable Healthcare that NCSH made on behalf of the Nordic Ministry Council as a part of a bigger work focusing on how the Nordics could contribute to solve the global sustainable development goals.

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