Genius on board in collaboration with Farmindustria

Chairperson: Maurizio Agostini

What can we really find out by examining our genes? What can we expect from biotechnologies? What are the study trajectories and future work prospects in the biotechnology sector? Biotechnology research and application frontiers and future prospects will be examined by Sergio Pistoi and Andrea Vico, two popular science speakers, during a fast-paced and ironic conference-show with sparkling and educational video titbits and simulated ‘genetic tests’. A cross-media event organised in conjunction with Farmindustria to get students involved and stimulate them to think about their futures. Smartphones on during the conference!
Interaction and dialogue with students will also take the form of SMS and WhatsApp.

Booking required (email festivaldellascienzamedica@genusbononiae.it)

Quick Info

  • 10 May 2019
  • 09:00
  • Sala degli Atti