Infectiology and clinical analysis of Covid-19


Chairperson: Gilberto Corbellini

After months of uncertainty, we are now able to trace out the spectrum of disease caused by SARS-CoV-2: mild or moderate illness in about 80% of patients, severe illness in 15%, and critical illness in 5%, with an estimated global mortality rate of about 3%. We have furthermore ascertained that symptomatic carriers are the most efficient mode of transmission. Fortunately, the virus’s contagiousness declines rapidly in the first 10 days of infection; this new awareness will lead to a significant reassessment of containment and follow-up measures. Uncertainty persists regarding the proportion of asymptomatic carriers and their epidemiological role, the virus’s diffusion among the paediatric and young adult populations, the impact of infection on the most vulnerable cohorts of patients, and the disease’s long-term effects. Our journey towards understanding the virus is just beginning. The scientific world must confront this challenge with extreme methodological rigour, honesty, and intellectual humility. 

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  • 3 October 2020
  • 17:30
  • Live Streaming Event