Thiene Gaetano

Gaetano Thiene

Gaetano Thiene is Emeritus Professor, previously Full Professor, in Pathological Anatomy at Padua University. He has been Director of the Cardiovascular Pathology Complex Operative Unit at Padua’s Azienda Ospedaliera, Director of the Doctoral Research Programme in Specialist Medicine GB Morgagni. He was the Rector’s Delegate for Bressanone based activities and for the promotion of the historical tradition and the international image of the Padua medical school.

Cardiologist and anatomical pathologist, he has always done correlative anatomical-clinical research in the cardiovascular field with clinical implications for base research. He has published over 1115 articles per extenso in indexed journals (Times cited: 69451; Hirch index 118) and has written 25 monographs. His research interests are congenital cardiopathy, cardiomyopathies and myocarditis, sudden death, coronary pathologies, arrhythmia pathologies and conduction tissues, heart tumours, artificial heart valves and heart transplant pathologies.

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